All About Texas Holdem Strategy and Texas Hold'em Tactics

Texas holdem is a magnificent game. The game itself is easy to
especially if you have experience playing other varieties of poker or other
card games. Unlike chess, the number of options during your "turn" in a
Texas hold'em game are limited. You can check, call, bet, raise, or
. Those are the only five options to choose from. But in spite of
the simplicity of the gameplay itself, Texas holdem strategy is a
rich and multilayered subject.
Knowing when to make one of those
five choices when it's your turn is the core of Texas hold'em strategy, and
sometimes multiple choices are correct in a given situation.

One Texas hold'em strategy that many players don't use is goal
One of the first aspects to learn is the difference
between Texas holdem strategy andTexas holdem tactics.
Strategy is big picture stuff. Strategy involves the big plan, things like
getting enough rest before the big tournament, setting a goal for how much
you want to win, keeping a poker journal to track your results as a player,
etc. Strategy also includes developing your skills as a player. Learning the
math that affects your play is a strategic consideration. (The math includes
concepts like pot odds, counting outs, tight aggressive play, etc.) Learning
to pick up on poker tells is another strategic consideration. Tactics
involves the decisions behind specific plays at the table. Folding a weak
starting hand in early position is a tactical decision. Raising with a pair
of aces as your starting hand in late position is another Texas holdem
tactic. Our site covers Texas holdem strategy and Texas holdem tactics, but
we suggest that you begin with a few strategic decisions:

  1. Set goals. Your goal might be to win the World Series
    of Poker main event three years from now. It might be to win $12/hour
    playing $3/$6 in an online Texas hold'em game at your favorite cardroom.
    Whatever goals you set for yourself as a Texas holdem player, you should
    make them specific, measurable, and achievable. You should write your
    goals down and set deadlines for when you achieve them.
  2. Play at your best. This means not playing when you're
    too tired to think straight. It means not playing when you're drunk.
    Playing at your best shows respect for yourself and respect for the game
  3. Keep a Texas holdem journal. Record when and where
    you play Texas holdem in your journal. Record what limits you played,
    and what your opponents were like. Include how you felt while you were
    playing. Keep a record of how much you win or lose. Eventually, when
    you've recorded enough data in your Texas holdem journal, you'll be able
    to spot trends which will enable you to make strategic decisions like
    where to play, what stakes to play for, and which opponents to avoid.

This Texas holdem strategy site is intended for players who want
to win at Texas hold'em.
Much of the information here is aimed at
beginners. Our content starts with basics like how to play Texas hold'em,
Texas holdem rules, starting hand strategies, and other basic
considerations. But some of the content here will be useful for intermediate
and advanced Texas holdem players as well. Even good poker players can
occasionally use a refresher on some of the basics. This site is meant to be
a resource for all levels of Texas holdem poker players.

This Texas hold'em strategy site is meant to help you win (or at
least break even) at any variety of Texas holdem, including limit holdem, no
limit holdem, sitngo holdem tournaments, and multitable holdem tournaments.

Some of the Texas holdem strategies on this site will apply only in a limit
holdem game, while others focus specifically on no limit Texas hold'em
strategies. But other Texas hold'em strategy articles on this site will
apply in almost all Texas holdem situations. Our goal is to be the most
complete Texas holdem strategy resource on the Internet, which means
covering all of the various situations that might come up at the table.

A diligent Texas holdem student should be able to at least break
even (at least in small stakes Texas holdem games) with a month's practice
or so.
If you're smarter than most, you might be able to play at
break even sooner than that. Some Texas hold'em theorists say that having a
good starting hand strategy is enough to break even. And starting hand
strategy is relatively easy to learn. But we encourage you to set your goals
a little higher. Set a goal to be a consistent winner, not just a break even

Most Texas hold'em players play badly. They play too
many hands, and they take too many marginal hands too far into the game.
These players give you the opportunity to profit. If everyone at the table
played Texas holdem perfectly, or with equal skill, then everyone at the
table would break even. Except for when the rake is taken into

At a full (8-10 player) Texas holdem table, only 2 or 3 people
are winning money.
You can expect to be one of those 2 or 3 players
if you study and work hard. If you wind up, by some chance, at a table with
more good players than 2 or 3, we recommend finding a better table at which
to play. There are plenty of juicy Texas holdem games at which to play, and,
while playing with other excellent players might be good for your ego,
winning money consistently is better for your ego and your pocketbook.

Your goal can and should be to be one of those winning holdem
A tight aggressive approach to Texas holdem, along with
attentive and thoughtful play, can go a long way toward making you a winning
player. In the short term, luck matters in Texas holdem, and even if you
play perfectly, you might lose money. But in the long run, if you make
correct decisions consistently, hand-in and hand-out, you should eventually
be a winning Texas holdem player.

Becoming a winning Texas holdem player begins with studying Texas
hold'em strategy.
Poker players aren't born understanding concepts
like pot odds, bluffing, semi-bluffing, slow-playing, and counting outs.
These are concepts and skills that require a little bit of study to
understand and utilize. We hope that you'll find this site to be an
indispensible resource in your studies of Texas holdem strategy.

Texas Holdem Strategy will launch in full on January 24,
2010. Until then, you can find more websites about Texas holdem strategy in
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