Authors of Texas Hold'em Books and What You Can Learn by Reading Texas
Holdem Books

Texas Holdem BooksBefore
the Internet, the best way to learn about Texas holdem was by reading a
book. Now websites  provide players with never ending
poker strategy
, but poker players who want to improve still read Texas holdem

Online poker has helped to boost the popularity of Texas holdem, and with
this jump in popularity has come an abundance of books. Texas holdem players
can now find online poker specific books, live poker books, and even books
on the mental side of poker.

Some of most popular poker books have been written by well renowned
players. Dan Harrington and Doyle Brunson are two of the most notable poker
authors. Doyle Brunson’s famous Super System books helped to change
how poker is played. Brunson himself has mentioned that he wishes he never
even wrote the book. While many are appreciative of the advice that he gave,
the published information has also worked against him.


Most Popular Texas Holdem Books – Here is a handy
quick-reference list of some of the most popular Texas holdem
books available right now:

  • Harrington on Hold'em by Dan Harrington
  • Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen
  • Doyle Brunson's Super System by Doyle Brunson and
  • Caro's Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro
  • Power Hold'em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu
  • Phil Gordon's Little Green Book by Phil Gordon
  • Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players by David
  • Small Stakes Hold'em by Ed Miller
  • Texas Holdem'em Odds and Probabilities by Matthew
  • Kill Everyone: Advanced Strategies for No-limit
    Hold'em Poker Tournaments and Sit-n-go's
    by Lee Nelson


Dan Harrington is most famous for his book, Harrington on Holdem.
Harrington focuses on tournament play while Brunson covers all aspects of
poker. Most poker authors tend to write in their area of expertise.

David Sklansky isn’t a well known player, but he is a big name as an
author because he has written some of the best books around. It isn’t always
the players with tangible results who can teach the game the best.

Poker is a theoretical game, and for some people it is easier to talk
about ideal strategies than it is to actually apply them. One common
misconception is that a poker book can’t be any good if the author isn’t
well known. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Authors like Ed Miller and Mason Malmuth have garnered great respect for
their poker books, but most poker players wouldn’t recognize them if they
fell in front of them.

Unfortunately, there are also some books out there written by players
with little credibility. It's always a good idea to read a book that you
have heard about from other players as opposed to something on the shelf at
Barnes and Nobles.

Texas Holdem Tournament Books

Texas holdem tournament books are easy to find. Almost all poker books
have some sort of tournament strategy. Texas holdem tournament books are
popular for two reasons:

  1. Texas holdem tournament strategy is easy to write about.
  2. Texas holdem poker tournaments are popular.

Most Texas holdem tournament dynamics remain the same from event to
event. But In cash games, there are never ending changes that need to be
accounted for. Tournament poker is how many Texas holdem players learn to
play the game, with cash game skills coming later.

Tournament poker is also the easiest form of Texas holdem to play. Texas
holdem tournament strategy is relatively simple. Some aspects
of Texas holdem tournament play that can be complex, but most players don’t
have to worry about this.

Texas holdem tournament players usually want a guideline for how to play
each stage of a tournament. It is easy for authors to break down each
section of a tournament in an easy to follow book.

Tournament poker is one of the few areas of Texas holdem that can
actually be learned, effectively, by reading a book. Cash game players
really need to play poker in order to get a grip on the games, but
tournament players can map out a game plan for each event that they play.
All that you have to do is play one way for this period, shift your game to
a more aggressive style as the event goes on, and then go for the kill at
the end. Of course this is a simplified way of looking at tournament poker,
but this is what most authors are going to teach.

Dan Harrington is the best author when it comes to books on Texas hold'em
tournament poker. He has a respectable history in actual holdem tournaments,
but he can also explain his thought processes effectively. There is a big
difference between poker players who can play poker and write, and poker
players who can play poker.

Dan Harrington can write just as well as he can play poker. Other
authors, like David Sklansky, also have written a lot of good tournament
information. Even Phil Hellmuth has written some good tournament poker
books. You have to consider the author’s poker expertise when picking a
poker book, particularly if they are a known poker player.

For example, Phil Hellmuth is a poker celebrity, but he doesn’t have a
clue when it comes to cash games. In tournaments, however, Hellmuth has
experienced a lot of success. It wouldn’t make much sense to learn about
cash games from Hellmuth, but he can definitely teach about how to play

If you want to read about tournament poker’s cousin, sit n go poker, you
should check out some of Mason Malmuth’s work. There aren’t a whole lot of
sit n go books on the market, so Malmuth pretty much has this area of the
game covered. He works for the same company as noted authors Ed Miller and
David Sklansky, so you know that he is respected in the poker industry. Sit
n go poker has become somewhat of a “solved” game, but Malmuth is able to
explain some aspects of the game that new players might not consider. If you
are an aspiring sit n go player, Mason Malmuth is your ideal author,
especially if you want to play live sit n gos.

Texas Holdem Cash Game Books

Cash game strategy is much tougher to find than tournament strategy. Cash
games are always changing, so it is difficult to decipher one book’s
credibility from the next.

One of the best cash game theorists is David Sklansky. He has published
some of the most popular modern Texas holdem books. Sklansky originally
focused on limit Texas holdem games, but as no limit Texas holdem became
more popular, he began to shift his focus.

One of Sklansky’s best poker books was written with Ed Miller. Miller and
Sklansky teamed up to write No Limit Hold ‘Em Theory and Practice.
This is one of the best books for any no limit Texas holdem cash game

In his books, Sklansky gives many different hand history examples and
explains the dynamics of any situation in depth. This is something that a
lot of poker authors just don’t do. He has had some real poker success at
the tables, but Sklansky is best known for his teaching ability.

Doyle Brunson’s Super System series is another cash game book worth
reading. Brunson’s books have often been cited as the reason that the games
have gotten tougher. Brunson’s books did not make online poker difficult,
but they helped to even the playing field in casinos and other live poker
games. Some Texas holdem players are still upset that the “secret”
information was ever released, but it is available nonetheless.

Books on Poker Psychology

Poker players enjoy debating the mental and psychological aspects of
Texas holdem. Mike Caro is known for his book about tells and other ways to
read your opponents. But authors like Ian Taylor, Matthew Hilger, and Tommy
Angelo have helped players work on their mental approach to poker.

Every poker player dreams of the day where they can play completely tilt
free. A tilt free playing style would save anyone a lot of money. Beyond
this, it would allow players to make better, more thought out, decisions.
These authors have catered to the undying need for improvements when it
comes to the psychological side of poker. While books can help players
improve on psychological elements of Texas holdem, it won’t matter if you
can’t put what you learn into action.

Why Texas Holdem Books?

Books are not the only way to learn about Texas holdem. You can read
articles on the Internet, watch videos, or watch poker on television. Books
are one of the best tools because they let the information sink in. It is
easy to read something on the Internet and forget it shortly thereafter, but
books help players remember focal points for improvement.

Poker books also serve as a future reference point. If you ever want to
work on a certain aspect of your game, you can go back to one of your books
for all of the information that you need. Think of poker books as your
encyclopedia and ever giving guides to poker success.

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